Marriage is so often treated as the end all be all when it comes to relationships, or with some people, even when it just comes to life in general.

As though life is a game and you marriage is winning. It’s a bit strange if you think about it.

Not because marriage is bad or because it’s not admirable, but because there’s a whole other set of life that happens after that point. It’s far from the end of anything, it’s really more the beginning of potentially a great many somethings.

So, how does it feel to be starting that chapter? Here, ten newlywed women sound off.

10. “I want the thrill.”

Maybe you’re addicted to the chase.

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9.” I hate…”

But how do they feel about you? That’s an important part of the equation.

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8. “My husband has no idea.”

These things are better not kept to yourself. There’s help out there and you do deserve help.

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7. “It felt weird.”

As long as you don’t start calling him Mr. ______, I guess.

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6. “Isn’t attracted to me anymore.”

What to do when it feels like the flame has gone out?

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5. “Maybe this was a mistake.”

Why is he keeping that escape hatch so handy?

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4. “He has no clue.”

Five years? Dang, girl, that’s like a marriage unto itself.

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3. “I just found out…”

Blessing or a curse?

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2. “But I love him.”

I’m not sure you’ll have to worry about the sex part for quite that long.

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1. “He already lied.”

Ok, but like, what’s the scale of the lie that we’re talking about here?

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Marriage sounds messy…and fun!

Are you/have you been married? How did you feel after?

Tell us in the comments!