The term “wake up, sheeple!” has always confused me a little bit.

I mean, I get the “sheeple” concept. You’re sheep people. You just get herded around and accept whatever the authority figure tells you. It’s dumb, but it’s an understandable metaphor.

But why are we then also always telling them to wake up? Are sheep known for sleeping? Is the problem that we’re all asleep? If so, how can we be following a shepherd? The metaphor falls apart quick.

If you really want to be wake up and/or not be a sheeple, you should look at these truths as revealed to us by memes.

10. Babies are creepy

And it’s high time we all talked about it.

9. Villains are awful at hiding

“Nothing flashy, just, yanno, a volcano or something.”

8. Loud road hogs are terrified


7. This

I feel like I’m *so close* to being able to explain why this is on a scientific level, and yet I can’t quite.

6. Kids will always find you

We oughta make ’em all bounty hunters.

5. We’re all phoning it in

You don’t need to see this mess.

4. Ugly people get bad service

Are my ears burning?

3. Windows has too many updates

Maybe 11 will be better, he said sarcastically.

2. Cartoons have superior physics

Man, if only.

1. Potato mashers are life ruiners

They wanna mash you next.

I hope you’re sufficiently awakened, Sheeple.

What’s a deep truth you’d like to expose?

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