There are inconveniences in this life, and then there are fails. Great big, facepalm-inducing fails.

The latter are so bad that they’re kind of fun. You go full circle in frustration to the point where you start to think, hey, maybe this thing that’s screwing up my life today is actually sort of hilarious.

And that’s when you take to Reddit to post about it, so that others may share in your joyous failure.

10. I swear

When all you’ve got is a hammer, everything – oh wait you don’t even have that anymore.

Swearing ensued
byu/MoManda inWellthatsucks

9. Bike sike

Gee, thanks, whoever you are.

byu/redleader51890 inWellthatsucks

8. Innovation at its finest

Dang, what kind of cleaner are you rockin’ there, exactly?

Well, it is not a good idea to clean the screen of the Macbook with glass cleaner.
byu/bmidsdfsdsd inWellthatsucks

7. Paint by numbers

I don’t want to make any sweeping generalizations here…

Paint crew on my roof dropped a paint can on my balcony and tried to sweep it up with my personal broom
byu/galenakarst inWellthatsucks

6. No time flat

There’s so much going on here I don’t even know where to begin.

Yesterday, I got a flat tyre. Today, I put an inspection hole in my sump with a rock.
byu/Enraged37 inWellthatsucks

5. Launching point

Oh man, your car is going to be sticky for the rest of your life.

My dog launched her foot off my unopened drink on her way out the car
byu/chashu_bao inWellthatsucks

4. Hulk smash

What did you do to seriously p**s someone off?

Someone smashed my window, I replaced it, immediately happened again. Hadn’t even taken the sticker off yet.
byu/NWA92 inWellthatsucks

3. Save our ship

It feels like owning a boat would be like 10% fun and 90% just dealing with bulls**t.

Well can’t wait till he gets back lmao
byu/Op_Icaras inWellthatsucks

2. Bras, bruh

I’m gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket…

Got a new bra from online. When it arrived this thing was still attached.
byu/TOoN_YT inWellthatsucks

1. The straight poop

You’re very popular with wildlife, like a cursed Disney princess.

I guess some birds had a poop party above my driveway last night
byu/Wheels_SB inWellthatsucks

No matter how bad your day has been going, these folks probably have it just a little bit worse.

What’s a fail of a day you’ve had recently?

Tell us about it in the comments. Go ahead and vent.