It’s time to get into the good stuff. The reason we really all like memes. The dark, sad, gleefully depressing junk that’s weirdly reassuring in just how bleak it is.

‘Cause we’re all just trying to make our way through this quasi-nihilistic reality of ours. And expressing that journey through relatable memes makes the burdens that much easier to bear.

It’s odd – but through the darkness, we are sort of telling each other it’ll be OK.

And that memes are great. Which is the greatest comfort of all.

10. The ghost of Christmas past

The bad news is that ghosts aren’t real.
You have to use, like, taxes and jails.

9. The job market

Having a job isn’t the goal, the job is a means to an end.
If that end isn’t being met, who cares about the job?

8. A history lesson

Cause your uncle is totally maybe gonna be a billionaire someday, just you wait.

7. Retirement

Yeah, it’s never gonna happen.

6. Climb that mountain

There are way more than you might think.
Look it up if you dare, it’s disturbing.

5. Memory games

Thanks a lot for that, brain, really appreciate it.

4. The two modes

Make up your mind, mind. And also body.

3. Professional courtesy

“Hey, whatever, give me money.”

2. Uno

I guess it’s more like cero now, huh?

1. House and home

Hooray! We’re doomed!

Well, that was fun. Come back for more darkness soon.

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

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