There’s nothing better than a good fail compilation. It’s one of the only time-tested internet things that has really spanned the entirety of the existence of the information superhighway.

No matter how good the broadband gets, no matter how far we advance or how steeply we as a culture decline, no matter how rich or poor you are, there’s something universally and eternally appealing about watching things just go wrong and weird.

So let’s do that, shall we? Courtesy of the people of Twitter. God bless their souls.

10. Crunch N’ Munch

I kid you not, my grandparents (who are not hoarders) just keep a few random cereal boxes around at all times.
I have no idea why. Maybe it’s for this?

9. Pet not so smart

“I’m a whole new dog and I hate it a lot.”

8. The Cure

Am I part of the cure, or am I part of the disease?

7. Shop around

Since this tweet now has over 100k likes, it probably won’t be hard for them to find out.

6. Contractual agreement

That kid is absolutely right.

5. Disagree to disagree

Something tells me the replies did not agree to this.

4. Blocked

My door is always open, just not to you.

3. Technical difficulties

No matter how much money you have, none of us are immune.

2. Heart and Soul

I have yet to understand the difference between his character in 30 Rock and his real life.

1. I can’t stop farting

What a time to be alive.

Now that’s some good fails. I’d call this fail list a success.

What’s a fail you’ve witnessed lately?

Tell us in the comments.