I feel like whenever I go on Twitter and I see that something is trending, I click on that thing to see why it’s trending and am greeted only by tweets mentioning the thing to ask why it’s trending.

This may in fact be a perfect microcosm or flawless exemplar of what the internet is as a whole; everyone asking each other why we’re talking about what we’re talking about and giving our opinions on it.

But outside of the endless spiral of madness there are also just people saying funny stuff which is always appreciated. Here are some of those. Maybe we can get them trending and then ask each other why we just did that.

10. I got a golden ticket

This all better be leading up to some rich guy giving me his business.

9. Wrapped up

And yet still no mask.

8. Hell no

I installed smart lights all through my apartment and for like a week straight they just turned on full blast at the stroke of midnight.

7. Read on

The secret ingredient is crime.


6. Unhinged

I mean I guess we could go hiking, but like, my shoes.

5. Pay up

No, I work at Pizza Hut because of my undying passion for mediocre crust.

4. Worst Valentine’s Day Ever

Oh Mia is gonna get it good.


3. Checked out

What’s this about movies now?


2. The circle of life

Jeans are now formal wear for special occasions.

1. Not it

Here are 12 things we think are kinda like it, even though they’re really not.

That’s good stuff, Twitter. Good stuff.

Who are your favorite people to follow for their hilarious tweets?

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