Yanno how alarm clocks exist and they’re the worst thing TO ever exist and I want to personally smash every single one of them with a special hammer?

Yanno that? Yanno how that’s an absolute fact?

I’m sure you feel the same way. The sound of that alarm creates a pavlovian response that just does our heads in. I have to switch up the alarm sound on my phone every so often, but each new ringtone used is forever ruined. And that’s the price we pay to be awake.

But at least we can all commiserate about having to wake up and be people, by looking at these funny tweets.

10. Good moaning to you

It’s an exciting way to start the day.

9. Spoiled

A sure fire way to wreck even a masterpiece.

8. Looking forward

Then bedtime comes and it’s all “I can probably play video games for another six hours, right?”

7. Very alarming

“Welp, guess that part of my life is over now.”

6. No talkie

There’s no way people like this are real, I refuse to believe it.

5. Keeping count

You don’t know, but they do. They do.

4. The sequence

Why are we doing this to ourselves as a species?

3. Worth it

The prices we pay must be carefully weighed.


2. Hello again!

Ready for another day of this crap?


1. Mr. Grumpy Pus

It be like that sometimes.

We should all just be able to sleep ’till we wake up. Until that social goal is achieved, we will never be truly free.

What’s your best trick for getting up in the morning?

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