Oh, to live in the world of IT. It must be like being a wizard in a world full of muggles, clumsily trying to use the magical things all around them, having no idea how any of it actually functions, breaking it, wreaking havoc with the fabric of reality.

And where do you go when you need to vent about all of those woes? To the nerd haven of Reddit, of course.

Specifically, you might want to stop by reddit.com/r/techsupportgore, where you and your fellow geeks can marvel and cringe at the worst the world of electronics has to offer.

Scroll on, if you dare.

10. A little messy

Took me a moment to realize there was a picture of a messy desk ON the screen. And now I feel like I need to burn my own computer just for displaying this image.


9. Somebody touch’a my spaghet!

Looks absolutely delicious to me.

Anyone want some AV Spaghetti?
byu/mfloww7 intechsupportgore

8. The battery pillow

If you see this, your thing is very extremely broken.

A thicc boi
byu/KuidotheGreat intechsupportgore

7. Screw you

If it’s stupid and it works, it might still be very stupid.

Why use a bolt when a screw driver works fine.
byu/Bartos479 intechsupportgore

6. WTF is that?

Yeah just kinda stick whatever in there and see if it works.

Best “tech support”
byu/Awnverdow intechsupportgore

5. Lights, camera, heat

Is somebody gonna look into that or?

Came back to the dorm while deployed to no lights, or AC…. today was 115F outside
byu/cupofcoffey19 intechsupportgore

4. Mousing around

I feel like this is indecent somehow. Like I should be putting up a privacy curtain.

I’m not sure if this belongs here but this is my mouse’s adapter that actually still works.
byu/yaboychri intechsupportgore

3. It works

One could even say it works shockingly well.

It works.
byu/adrideux intechsupportgore

2. The village

Well, that’s one way to weatherproof your tech.

The fiber line coming into my village in Korea.
byu/RealityRandy intechsupportgore

1. Gold rush

For the record, there is in fact gold in a lot of electronic components, but extracting it is difficult and the value from this entire pile would be way less than what you’d be paying to get it.

This makes me feel physical pain
byu/LeCubeMan intechsupportgore

God bless our IT people. They really turn me on. And then back off again.

What’s your worst IT experience?

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