Going on vacation is a heck of a thing. Assuming you can afford to do it financially – and that you can actually get a little bit of time off – it can transport you both literally and figuratively.

It can also result in a lot of lying around in hotel beds because you way overdid it on that questionable buffet at the resort.

Still, even in those moments, there’s nothing quite like it. The highs and lows of the vacation experience are spelled out quite clearly in this series of tweets for those whose minds and hearts can’t help but wander.

10. Never go back

Can’t be late for work if you don’t work anywhere.

9. The regret

Turns out being crammed into a car for an entire day or more is actually quite stressful.

8. Camp out

“You know what sounds nice? Getting rid of literally every hard-earned convenience that makes life bearable.”

7. The balance

It’s near impossible to achieve at the best of times.

6. Magical memories

They’ve got boundless energy and you’re just tired all the time.


5. Wanna get away?

Unfortunately I can’t find anywhere to live that isn’t my skull.


4. Left on read

Personally I’ve never understood the vacation book thing.
You’re spending hundreds of dollars per day to have literally the same experience you could have on your own couch?

3. Work on it

The results are in: the internet is not a camping fan.

2. Multiply and conquer

But what if I poop myself every day for a week?

1. Signature move

If I don’t see it, it’s not real.

Man, I need a vacation.

What was your worst trip ever?

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