Does your day need spicing up a bit?

No worries, the internet has what you need. And what you need is people being funny on Twitter.

Here are 15 new ideas to explore thanks to some innovative tweets.

15. Normal PSAs

It’s the “come on, don’t be weird, dude” of the film industry.

14. Secret pasts

Involve yourself in stuff that you don’t want to be in!

13. Tropical depressions

They’re just like us!

12. Self-pitching

If you don’t buy it, how is anybody else going to?

11. Saving money

Hey, technically I did it.
It’s just not gonna make any difference lol.

10. Sturdier tote bags

We must find a way to right this injustice and indignity.

9. Moving on with your life

I don’t really know anybody who wore college clothes past college.
It all just ends up in a closet somewhere.

8. Unplugging Texas

Nothing else seems to be working.

7. Public typing

Spell check will reveal your shame soon enough.

6. Soft launch boyfriend reveals

That’s just really good marketing.

5. Never stop thinking about stuff

Technically I live in the present, I just do so before that present shows up.

4. Jewish bagpipe music

Ah yes, the song of my people.

3. Edit surveillance

How dare you mess with perfection in this way.

2. Cheat-thinking

If he was thinking we wouldn’t have found ourselves in this situation.

1. Perfectionism

But only applied to oneself and literally nothing and no one else in the universe.

Well, those are some fun ideas to try. Give ’em a whirl!

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