There are a lot of phrases for lessening stress that all kind of sound the same. Venting. Blowing off steam. Finding a release.

The metaphor is kind of from a different time – a time when we relied on things that were more steam-powered and mechanical in nature, where it was common practice to literally release something out into the air so the mechanism running our lives wouldn’t explode.

And today there’s plenty to need to vent about so we don’t explode. Take these topics via Twitter, for example.

10. Sober grocery shopping

Leave it behind, your life will get better.

9. Tantrums themselves

When you live in a place like that, just go for it wherever.

8. Twitter romance controversies

We will fight about literally anything and everything, just give us a chance.

7. Men

We are kinda the worst, aren’t we?

6. To-do lists

Hey at least I’m consistent, that’s gotta count for something.

5. Nomenclature

There’s always room for improvement.

4. Marriage

Well that seems a little old fash- oh.

3. How high you are right now

Yes, you. You who are reading this. We can all tell.

2. The legacy of pop music

It’s shaped us far more than we could have ever guessed.

1. Exercise and health stuff

Wait, you mean they weren’t just lying?
They weren’t in the pocket of big walking?
This is an outrage.

With all that to be venting about, we’re sure you’ll be busy for a while, so we’ll leave you to it.

What do you need to let off steam about today?

Do so in the comments.