Are you a work in progress? Maybe even in the very early stages of development?

Perhaps you consider yourself more of a prototype or even a proof of concept rather than a full-blown product.

Whether you’re ready for launch or not, I think you’ll find you’re not alone, as there are plenty of people on Twitter struggling with all kinds of nonsense.

Like this:

12. The half-drinker

I’ve got a drinking problem AND I’m sober all the time.
It’s the worst of both worlds.

11. Getting out of control

Hey man, stop.
It’s just time to stop.

10. Family conflict

Somebody needs to be the instigator around here and it’s probably gonna be me.

9. Being a dude

I’m one but I’m working on it.

8. Selfie perfectionism

If it’s past the length of my arm, it’s not gonna happen.

7. Celebrity endorsement

I think we all know where we really want to get our information.

6. Mom joking

It’s no laughing matter. Quite literally.

5. Socializing in general

Some of us just don’t get the hang of it so easily.

4. Crying

It’s fine sometimes, but man does it get tiring after a while.

3. The habitual rescheduler

Just at me if you wanna come right out and attack me.

2. Making plans

I just really need to hang, you know?

1. Bee-hiving

I’m not entirely sure what the strategy was here, but you need to rethink it.

We’re all just trying our best out here. At least we can have a few laughs along the way.

How are you a work in progress?

Tell us in the comments.