It may seem like pure fiction, but there was a time not all that long ago when we weren’t broadcasting every single thought and action to the entire world at all times.

When I was a kid I don’t think very many people even saw the potential for that becoming the norm. And yet, here we are. Joyous and eternally frustrated, just posting away on every platform we can get our thumbs on.

It’s all pretty strange if you step back from it and think for a minute, as, ironically, these tweets will attest.

10. Watching out

It’s half a joke but there’s real wisdom here.
Don’t lie to your audience, they’ll move on quick.

9. Food for thought

But are we 100% sure that’s not photoshop?

8. Memo’s out

You gotta appear as though your entire life is a vacation, even when you literally can’t go anywhere.

7. Post ’em

We just need a little bit more order in this country, is that so much to ask?

6. Bless up

At this point is there even such a thing as embarrassment?

5. The following

I thought we had a great connection, girl whose name I can’t remember at all.

4. Part of the furniture

Yeah she’s super hot but also how much is that sofa?

3. Keep on truckin’

Who, me?

2. Reliving the moment

“You’re all right, I am in fact a genius, thank you for noticing.”

1. True transparency

She’s gotta know sooner or later.

Reading all these thoughts about posts has left me with a lot of thoughts about posts. I should post about it.

Do you have any such thoughts?

Tell us in the comments.