I’ll be honest – the internet has left me mostly very jaded. There’s little I can see or hear anymore that will shock me, or even make me look twice.

As a person online all the time, I am a citizen of the multiverse, well traveled in the needless and the inexplicable.

And yet, for all of that, there are still occasionally those things – apparently real – that simply demand to be examined. Demand to be explained. Because without explanation, their existence in the same plane of reality as you and I feels somehow like a threat.

These are such items. Proceed at your own risk. Thanks a lot, Reddit.

11. That’s sharp

Yeah, nah, I’ll just fail the test instead, thanks.

This pencil sharpener

10. Travel budget

These puppies don’t even have one single horsepower.

The luxury of Cadillac without the car note
by inATBGE

9. Rose colored

Apparently “a little much” does not exist in the lexicon of wherever this is.

Don’t you just love the smell of roses?
byu/KrustyBrandComments inATBGE

8. A bright idea

If I see this is your house it’s gonna be the last time I’m in your house.

Spine lamp!
byu/MechanicWings inATBGE

7. Holy crap

Look I’m not here to kinkshame but after looking at this I might in fact be here to kinkshame.

Mother of God, this piece of lingerie
byu/PsychologicalFault inATBGE

6. Money money money

THEM: Don’t leave anything valuable in your car that might attract thieves.

This interior of a modded 1998 Nissan Pulsar
byu/BatteryPoweredPigeon inATBGE

5. Gar-fear

I don’t know what kind of message this is meant to send me. Do YOU?

I hate Mondays too…
byu/Stumpy907 inATBGE

4. Explosions of color

When you gotta subcontract out to some kindergartners.

by inATBGE

3. Fear itself

That’s a big honking window sill.

this is the outside of a building… i am currently feeling many emotions
by inATBGE

2. Three, six, number two

You really gonna disrespect them like this?

[deleted by user]
by inATBGE

1. That heeling touch

But why though?

Found at my local flea-market.
byu/Crash_and_the_Bois inATBGE

I don’t know why any of these things exist, and I never will, and that is my curse.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen around lately?

Tell us in the comments.