Landlords. They’re the best, right?

I reached out to mine recently to find out what options were available for my upcoming lease expiration. That was a week ago. I’ve heard nothing. But that’s fine. I mean shoot I’ve got almost two entire months to figure it out, no worries, right?

These are the fun adventures of having a less than attendant or less than interested landlord in charge of the place you live.

And some of these people on Reddit definitely know where I’m coming from with that.

10. No alarms and no surprises

You know what they say, safety first.

I had to finish my landlords job.
byu/MyScrotesASaggin infunny

9. A hot tip

If there’s water coming out of the facet but it’s not hot, it’s super unlikely the culprit is going to be in the sink plumbing itself.
I know nothing about anything and even I know that.

[deleted by user]
by inLandlordLove

8. Supa hot fire

I think the best part of this is that he didn’t even go with like a LARGE container of water.

My Landlord is super serious about fire safety.
byu/DeuceActual inpics

7. I spied her

Hello there, the angels from my nightmares.

How my landlord handled a nest of spiders in the closet of the apartment I used to rent
byu/spoopyspacecat inLandlordLove

6. Tour at your own risk

Yeah cool we’ll just stand at attention for 84 hours a week and wait.

[deleted by user]
by infunny

5. Fixed it

I’m sorry, but are you living in a property managed by The Cat in the Hat?

This is how the landlord fixed the leaky ceiling.
by infunny

4. One-time offering

“Ok here’s a 35 cent stamp so you can send me a fifteen hundred bucks but JUST THIS ONCE, MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

Mao, please blind react to this leech moment
byu/opposide inLandlordLove

3. Minty fresh

Yeah, that totally oughta do it.

A rodent died under our sunroom this winter and stunk up the house. This was my landlord’s answer to fixing the smell…
byu/TheRealRyanP inWTF

2. Keep it hush hush

Alright well this is clearly just a dad joke.

Landlord said neighbors are quiet..
byu/TarOfficial inWellthatsucks

1. 12 hours away

There is so much to unpack here that I could, ironically, probably write a masters thesis on it.

This is my landlords response to a simple text. No previous convo nothing what you see is what you get.
byu/DalognaR iniamverysmart

Thanks for nothin’, landlords!

What’s your crazy housing story?

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