Attraction can be such a fickle thing. Half the time we don’t’ even know what draws us to someone, or what pushes us back away.

Sometimes it’s pretty simple. But even when you break it down to “this person hot, this person not” there’s an entire underlying psychology and system of personal preferences at play.

Falling in and out of love and lust can happen for all sorts of reasons. Here are a few identified by anonymous men who suddenly just weren’t that into their girlfriends anymore.

10. “A fluctuating sex drive.”

This is the type of thing that’s gonna be figured out pretty quickly.

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9. “I’m with her because I felt bad.”

Ah yes, always a solid bedrock foundation for any good relationship.

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8. “Starting to lose weight.”

When it comes to attraction, assume nothing.

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7. “Our last fight.”

Maybe if you work to resolve that conflict this problem will be out of the way?

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6. “She closed it.”

I’m not saying that true open relationships don’t exist,
but I can’t count how many times I’ve heard them play out like this.

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5. “Smarter than a fifth grader.”

I think the question is what were you attracted to in the first place?

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4. “Makes me nauseous.”

Well there is a LOT going on there.

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3. “This really bothers me.”

Yeah, I can see why this would be a red flag.
Nothing wrong with supporting your partner, but supporting them to do nothing?

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2. “All I think about…”

Some Random Skinny Bimbos is my new band name.

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1. “In all honesty…”

It’s tough to come to these realizations, but it’s important.

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That’s rough, dudes. That’s rough.

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