If Instagram were one of the seven deadly sins, I guess it would be pride. Or lust. Or greed. Or actually, maybe gluttony?

You know what, I think Instagram is just all seven of the deadly sins. Use that in your next PR package, guys.

But that’s not gonna stop us from being on it all the time. Not even the fact that we all kind of hate it is going to accomplish that. Instead, we’ll just keep using it a lot but then make snarky memes about how we’re sort of above it, so we can have the best of both worlds.

Let’s enjoy some of those now.

10. The shape of things

This style of architecture is known as “the pinch tool.”

9. The daily grind

To be fair, you could offer me a ton of money to workout every day and I probably still couldn’t do it.

8. They’re in your head

Rootin’ tootin’ let’s go scootin’.

7. The offspring

A new thing for us 30+ year olds to just be completely baffled by is what it is.

6. Bottom’s up

Let me know if you see anything interesting down there.

5. Wild times

Welcome to the insanity, pull up a chair.

4. The basic menu

Either you’re way richer than me or you’re just pretending to be, either way I’m put off.

3. Feel the waves

When you’re feeling just a little under the influence.

2. The trap

We all get stuck in it eventually.

1. What’s the dif?

These are the decisions that will haunt us forever after.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to get back to scrolling through Instagram.

How often do you use that app?

Try to be honest with us in the comments.