The dictionary definition of giggle is to “laugh lightly in a nervous, affected, or silly manner.”

The reason I love that so much is that the definition makes me giggle, which means it’s kind of a self-fulfilling process. Perhaps there is something profound to be found in giggles. Perhaps giggles make the world go round.

Or they’re just fun, and so are memes, so let’s look at them and get into a giggle circle.

10. Too hot to handle

If nobody wants this ball then why did we bring it?

9. The big discovery

Am I not turtley enough for the turtle club?

8. Like whoa, Scoob!

You’d be like that too if you were constantly stoned and exploring haunted houses.

7. We all live in a…

Ok, I don’t know how I feel about this.

6. Early to rise

I’m sorry, who the heck gets up early on the weekend?
You sociopaths disgust me.

5. Forbidden

Even the meme himself would not endorse such an unholy union.

4. Let’s get this bread

And then some more bread so we can have a bread meal with bread.

3. It’s coming

Sorry, we had to choose right this instant to be the loudest thing in the universe.

2. That’s deep

Keep a lid on those emotions, girl.

1. The time jump

We’re like Rip Van Winkle but without all the rest.

Giggles to go all around!

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

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