Have a look at these memes. Then have another look, because they’re gonna make you do a double take.

If you find yourself stuck in a cycle of looking (i.e. your takes range from the quadruple upward), consult a doctor. Then show said doctor these memes, because being a doctor is a lot of hard work and they’d probably appreciate the break to be honest.

Anyway, proceed with caution (because all the takes might just give you some neck strain), but enjoy these memes.

10. The dance of regret

I guess the moral of this story was really “careful what you wish for” and it was BRUTAL.

9. Love me tinder

How to get their guard down and then right back up again.

8. The takeover

“Here are the keys, do whatever you gotta do, good friggin luck.”

7. No babe

Defeated by the classic bluffing scheme.

6. Testing, testing

I mean, at least you’d be worth a lot of scientific study?

5. You ain’t lion

Well maybe God should have been a little more specific in his instructions.

4. Take a walk

I think I’m fine just never having kids, thanks.

3. Represent

I mean, that is also a part of the country.

2. So aggravating

Ah, nevermind, thanks for the chat.

1. Plausible deniability

“Your honor, we were doing it for the memes.”

Wow. That’s a lot of twists and turns.

What has made you do a double take recently?

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