Are you bored right now? I assume you must be, because you clicked on this hoping for a reprieve from said boredom.

Well hope no longer, because the moment has arrived. What we have here aren’t just any memes, they’re memes that YOU’RE going to look at because YOU are bored, and thus, they will be fascinating. It’s like how food always tastes better when you’re starving. “Hunger is the best sauce, and boredom makes for some dank memes,” said Miguel de Cervantes, probably.

So enjoy these memes. Your brain deserves ’em.

11. Well stocked

But having to ask the manager to open the case? Brutal.

10. Never surrender

Plot twist: both panels belong to the same dream.

9. So Suez me

The ship that launched a thousand memes. You will be dearly missed.

8. Sand Fox

Billions of years of evolutions just to make a fox salty.

7. A long climb

It won’t help, but people will be thoroughly impressed nonetheless.

6. Quarter for your thoughts

And that was back when 25 cents could actually buy something.

5. Motorin’

Why does this thing have strong minion energy coming off of it?

4. Loads’a moes

It’s an important part of home-moenership.

3. I see

Doin great, America! Keep up the good work!

2. By the numbers

Surely the burgers AND fries shall suffer for this.

1. Pass it on

The best part of baking up…

Do you feel less bored now? We hope so!

What are the best kinds of memes in your opinion?

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