The internet’s not ready for what’s about to hit it.

I mean it. Get to your bunkers. Batten down your hatches. Get somebody out here to explain to me what hatches are and how to batton them. Because we’re about to get serious.

With memes.

Memes that will go down in history as “that one particular set of memes that got posted that day, which were subsequently scroll through by that one extremely attractive person with excellent taste in internets.”

This is that moment. We’re living it now. Let’s begin.

10. Life hack

Let’s just put a pin in that plan for the moments.

9. You can’t be serious

I’m not playin’ games here, mom and dad.

8. An open question

You know they’ve seen closed doors before. You know it. They know it.
And yet ignorance is forever feigned.

7. Question time

“Listen homework is cool and all, but when can we learn more about YOU?”

6. PP problems

I have powers so great that even I don’t always understand them.

5. Live and learn

Box office SMASH!

4. Nine times the fun

Hey man, I’ll take it.

3. Super speed

There are certain instincts we’re all just sort of born with.

2. Hanging out

Pay no attention to the events which came before.

1. Mom’s spaghetti

Oh man, don’t give Em that kind of ammo.

See? What did I tell ya? Absolutely epic.

What’s the best meme you’ve seen around lately?

Tell us in the comments.