I came to a point in my life recently that was pretty painful, and also not at all unusual – I had to face the fact that I was staying with someone despite knowing deep down that’s not what I wanted to do.

It sucks. Getting into relationships is hard, finding people is hard, building trust is hard, and the thought of tossing any of that away, even if things are no longer going great, is just an impossible thing to face.

Maybe that’s why so many people end up just staying. Like the men who submitted these real, anonymous confessions.

10. For the kids

Honestly, they would probably heal easier from a separated but stable home than a complete but chaotic one.

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9. Another man

What would he become in the hands of another?

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8. “At work”

Doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that’s gonna prove to be sustainable.

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7. The right decision?

If you’re still feeling this way, then maybe it wasn’t.

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6. Have to settle

I think there may be other options, actually.

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5. Makes me wonder

It’s a tough dating world out there, no doubt.

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4. Your cheatin’ heart

OK but that’s not gonna last.

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3. To protect him

That’s an impossible situation.

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2. Second time’s the charm

It should be clear enough what needs to be done now.

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1. Possibly screwing up

Better to try and fail than resign yourself to a familiar failure, I say.

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Look out for each other out there. Love is a tough road.

Have you stayed with someone even though you wanted to leave? Why?

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