Tinder was launched back in 2012 which means soon enough we’ll be marking a decade it’s been with us on this strange little planet and still I can’t quite grasp what it’s all about, or how to navigate it.

Sometimes it seems like a nice way to meet people, other times it handles like a straight-up hookup machine, and still other times it feels like some sort of game to just see who can have the weirdest conversation.

We’re dealing with that last category with this collection of convos.

10. Megan

Oh how the turntables…

9. In the bag

I thought this was an elaborate setup for some sort of wordplay, but nope.

8. Pickup lines

“It’s a match! She already hates you!”

7. Cat’s out of the bag

The man is a master negotiator.

6. So happy

Why are you trying to screw this up, my man?

5. You win

And everybody told ME that my “dumb improv classes” would “make nobody want to date me.”

4. The fun suck

How dare you ruin this for me.

3. The doctor is in

I also find that confusing. Like…what am I supposed to do with this information? How does this influence my actions?

2. Updog

Sometimes the oldest jokes are the worst jokes.

1. Just plane wrong

Pull up, dude, pull up.

Love it or hate it, I think Tinder might be with us for quite a while longer.

What’s been your experience with online dating?

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