Nobody likes to live in a household that’s always full of fighting. It’s toxic and damaging and honestly nothing to joke about because there’s not much funny there.

By the same token, it’s absolutely absurd to assume that anyone can enter into a long term relationship and not at least occasionally get angry at their partner, or feel resentment. We’re only human, it’s gonna happen.

The question is – what do you do when it happens? How do you handle that? If you’ve been asking yourself that type of question lately, then Twitter might just have some…creatively petty solutions for you.

10. Pandora’s box

Now that you’ve opened it, who knows what evils will be unleashed.

9. Weight, what?

Somehow it never counts when it’s someone else’s food.

8. Under wear?

The question is – will he even notice?

7. What a tool

He’s not gonna get anything done at work today.

6. Proof positive

It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just that I don’t know what to do about it.

5. Water, water everywhere

Sounds like the fix is in.

4. Screw that

Wars have been started over less.

3. Plate tectonics

Communication really is key.

2. Love languages

This would pretty much send me to the moon.

1. Control freaks

How do we so very easily jump to ghosts?

Well, best of luck to all those couples. Seems like they’re gonna need it.

What’s the pettiest relationship thing you’ve ever done? Or the pettiest relationship thing you’ve had done to you?

Tell us in the comments, and don’t spare any of the details.