Living in a hyper-capitalist superpower of a country is a very strange thing indeed. There’s all sorts of pros and cons that could be debated for days, but one thing’s for sure: it produces a lot of weird crap.

Everybody’s trying to make a buck, to find a niche, to create something that somebody somewhere will just BUY. And this ends up expanding WAY beyond the practical and even the luxurious into the just plain bizarre.

So here, courtesy of Reddit, are 10 things that probably shouldn’t exist, but they do anyway.

10. Coffee Off Board Motor

Warning: jittery waters ahead.

A coffee stirring mini boat engine
byu/262_SturmVogel inDidntKnowIWantedThat

9. A Rubik’s Chest

This is kind of cool, actually. Assuming the person you’re giving it to can solve one of these easily. Otherwise it’s cruel.

A Rubik’s Cube that doubles as a treasure chest. It only opens when solved.
byu/awaytrain74 inofcoursethatsathing

8. Cowboy Heels

Oh like…like figuratively AND literally.

Cowboy Themed Heels
byu/jankovarik inofcoursethatsathing

7. Rock Paper Scissors (the card game)

And here I’ve been using my hands for free like an idiot!

World’s Most Unnecessary Card Game
byu/TargetPsychological inofcoursethatsathing

6. Shower Toilet

What maddening set of circumstances led to this engineering?
We can’t know. There’s just no way to know.

Shower Toilet
byu/AkhandPathi inofcoursethatsathing

5. The AAAA Keyboard

You’ve tried the best, now look at the rest.

An android keyboard with only the letter a
byu/locness3 inofcoursethatsathing

4. The Monopoly Wall

Monopoly was, ironically, originally created as a gamified illustration of the systems that create drastic wealth inequality.

The wall of monopoly
byu/unfetteredmind76 inofcoursethatsathing

3. Portable Fish Tank

I’m guessing this is probably for like…researchers? Aquariums?
But it’s probably just for like, Dave.

take your pet fish for a walk!
byu/c-h-r-i-s-6-9 inofcoursethatsathing

2. Tesla Tequila

Just don’t invent an entire underground tube distribution system just for it, ok Elon?

This Tesla tequila
by inofcoursethatsathing

1. The Cat Poop Calendar

Because screw you, that’s why.

Cat poop calendar
byu/uemuem inofcoursethatsathing

I think I’m done window shopping for now.

Would you buy any of these products? Why or why not?

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