There are bad dates and then there are like…hall of famer bad dates.

The ones you’re not sure you should share, even when everybody is going around telling their bad date stories.

But on Reddit, there are no qualms. You just share away.

What’s your worst dating experience?
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Who says romance is dead?

1. The dark forest

Went on a date after talking with someone on tinder for a couple of weeks. The conversation online was pleasant and the usual small talk about hobbies or interests etc, no red flags..

We arrange to meet in the city for a coffee. I arrive and she’s already there… Looks nothing like her pictures (catfished lol) I think to myself, oh well most people tend to embellish their photos let’s see what she’s like in person.

This is where I f**ked up…. We get talking and she asks what I’m doing next weekend. (I love camping and exploring) and I say I’m camping and 4wding with mates. She asks if she can come along, “ummm nah it’s okay, we only have just met”. She loses her s**t and acts like we have been dating for years saying how dare you not take me along blah blah blah.

I f**ked up again and decided to stay talking…. She asks where I’m going to camp after calming down a bit and I give a rough estimate “X forest”… And she replies “oh that’s nice…. I’ll see you there….” I think that’s weird and reiterate that I’m not comfortable with that. To her reply “no I’m going there and I’m going to kill you…. You won’t see me coming” as she proceeds to laugh a maniacal laugh.

That was the last straw for me, I stand up, place money to pay for my coffee and walk off telling her not to follow me or I’ll call the police. I block her and move on. Luckily nothing came to fruition.

I was a lot more careful with who I met up with from then on

– xzafearionx

2. Something odd

Dating app, smallish town Kingston Ontario. Go on a few boring dates. Cue story. Match with girl, she agrees to meet but there was something odd about the conversation. She was eager to meet, suspiciously eager.

I get to the Starbucks and wait inside for 20 minutes past the agreed meet time. Girl texts me says she running late, asks me to stand outside so she can see me as she drives by. I look over and there’s another dude standing on the sidewalk with his phone in his hand. Recognize him from the gym, ask if he’s also meeting a girl, and what her name is.

Turns out the girl was pulling a fast one on us both as revenge for her girlfriend who we both apparently dated once and didn’t like. So him and I went to get ice-cream together and sent her a photo of us having a great time. Wish I still had the photo!

– redsaw87

3. Good Lord

Guy friend asked me out and I’m all excited and giddy. Said we’re going to the mall? That’s fine, we’re like 15yo or something and it was my first date, I wasn’t expecting anything fancy.

He brought me to join his Born Again worship. We were from a Catholic school so I tried not to be so very disappointed, but when we got there, he left me next to an old lady who kept asking when I was going to convert. He just ran to the front with the other teens to rock out to live Christian music.

Somehow, our religion teacher found out and he had to pull me out of class to talk about not going to these worships because they WILL try very hard to convert me, and I MUST remain Catholic.

Anyhoot, I no longer go to any Church.

– MaeToMontreal

4. Steak to go

She ordered a steak to go, then sat quietly and waited for me to finish eating. She didn’t want to answer questions, and didn’t have anything she wanted to talk to me about.

“see you later,” she said as I dropped her off.
“Not likely.” I answered.

– MadWhiskeyGrin

5. Moving pictures

I finally took a girl out I had been pining after for a long time.

She had been in a bad relationship for about two years, had a kid with the guy, and they finally broke up. I waited a few weeks, and asked her out. She agreed. I picked her up with a teddy bear holding some flowers, she loved them and put them in water immediately.

We went to a local sushi place, ate our fill and headed out for a movie. Watched the whole movie together in the theater, flirting and touching the whole time. Afterwards, we went driving around and just talked for about two hours before I took her home. We made out on her front steps for probably 20 minutes before we finally peeled ourselves away from each other. I went to bed feeling absolutely fantastic.

Woke up the next day and texted her good morning. No reply. Whatever, she had a baby. Figured she was busy. Went about my day. Finally got in Facebook during my lunch break and she was back together with her ex already. Haven’t talked to her since.

– MorpheusPrimed

6. Devastating

Well.. I had a crush on this guy in high school and my friend kept urging me to talk to him. I got the nerve to and apparently he liked me too, or so I thought.

We talked often and exchanged notes in the hallway. He asked me to homecoming and I said yes. I was so excited. Bought a new dress and everything!!

Got to the football game and met up with my friend. I finally saw my crush and told him I was gonna go sit with him for the game. He’s like “no, you can’t”. I’m like “why?” Him: “Because I’m with my girlfriend!”

I was devastated and embarrassed to say the least. Didn’t stay for the rest of game or homecoming. Called my dad and he picked me up in front of the school where I was sitting all by myself.

– No_Significance2592

7. The blank slate

Went out with a girl I met on a dating site. We met for coffee, got our drinks, sat down…..and she forgot how to talk.

For almost an hour, I would try to start a conversation and bring up any and all topics I could think of. I tried talking about our jobs, hobbies, families, anything really. Her responses were just “Uh huh”, Oh yeah”, “That’s cool” and “Nice.”

She wasn’t looking at her cell phone, looking out the window or being distracted. Completely forgot how to have a conversation while staring at me for the hour we were at the coffee shop.

It was the shortest and longest date I’ve ever experienced. After leaving, I hit the McDonalds drive thru and had a consolation meal to put that bad date behind me.

– MHSPres

8. Feel the chill

I went on a date with a girl in college, cutie from my class who I had been trying to get to agree to the date for a while. So I picked her up to drive to dinner, and worth mentioning I lived in Wisconsin and it was January so like -23 outside. Turns out she was bipolar but refused to take any medication for it so she had a manic episode while we were driving, proceeded to undo her belt, open the door, leap out of the car into a snow bank and started running into the woods.

I had to chase her down and convince her to get back in the car with me before she lost her feet to frostbite. We didn’t date anymore but I was able to convince her to start her meds and keep on them through all of college, she’s actually a pretty successful software engineer now.

Unrelated but that is one of three times a date ended with me in a snowbank on a subzero night.

– TheShape108

9. The loud crowd

Guy was one of those that gets loud and animated in conversation. Had people staring. Then tells me his first wife was murdered and HE is the prime suspect. But no, it was the cop that she was sleeping with who beat her to death. Cops trying to pin it on him to cover their own, you see?. Next he tells me he lost his bottom row of teeth. And he admitted to whooping his dogs ass for eating his weed.

– Nursekittn44

10. The Bumble Bee

Met this one on Bumble, he had crazy conspiracy theories about how redheads needed to run the world because…umm that was not clear.

I told him i worked in nonprofits and he went on to say he was going to start his own (with fellow redheads) as current nonprofits were ineffective and corrupt.

I kept waiting for the punchline or the just kidding, it never came.

Then he poured honey on my hand to “see how I’d react.” I told him not to contact me again and left.

– Capital_Cow3540

There’s a lot of weird out there. Be careful.

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