The Peace Corps is an organization that allows people to dive deep into cultures outside of their own and do some good for communities in need.

The program may seem attractive for those looking to travel the world and help others, but what is it like actually doing it?

These 14 volunteers share their journey with the Peace Corps through their honest confessions. From why they joined to shocking experiences, here’s what they had to say.

10. “A fantastic experience!”

Sail the world, see the world.

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9. “Finally doing something with my life”

It’s great to have a sense of purpose.

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8. “He doesn’t know it…”

Man I’d love to know how that meet-up went down.

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7. “Could be considered a compliment…”

“This it’s usually an honored thing.”

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6. “Made me real bitter”

We do have it kind of ridiculously good and we still complain a lot.

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5. “A unique experience”

Well that’s putting it very mildly.

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4. “What I do makes a difference”

I would say so!

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3. “Most privileged and bougie people”

A little white guilt at play, maybe?

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2. “Now I have ptsd”

That’s not what we signed up for.

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1. “I stopped liking white guys”

A side effect they won’t put on the bottle.

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Sounds like it leaves people with a broad mixture of take-aways, as anything would that profoundly changes your perspective.

Have you joined up with a group or an effort that changed how you see things?

Tell us about it in the comments.