The other day I was waiting for the train to come by in my city, as I often am. Listening to my podcast on my bluetooth headphones, just generally zoning out in a fog of routine.

The train pulls up, I get on, and as it begins to slide away from the station, my podcast is interrupted. First choppy, then lost altogether. And that’s when it hit me: I’d left my phone sitting on the bench on the train platform.

It turned into an ordeal that took a good chunk of the day to sort out, but even that very bad day was kinda nothing compared to some of the Redditors on this list.

10. A snake in the grass

Or rather, on the linoleum?

I can’t find the culprit that left this in my house
byu/vron_vol2 inWellthatsucks

9. The raw approach

Look, we HAVE a grill, that doesn’t mean that we have to USE the grill.

Thanks for giving me Salmonella to go. This is why I have trust issues…
byu/Captkrunchkilla inWellthatsucks

8. What a croc

You’re better off anyway kid, those things are abominations.

Some poor kid’s croc and sock jammed in the escalator
byu/ventriclez inWellthatsucks

7. A fallen comrade

Farewell, fair tree, you served us well.

I was on my way to jury duty this morning and I knew this looked familiar.
byu/_sumblime inWellthatsucks

6. A salad choice

And THAT is what you get for trying to eat healthy.
I hope you’ve learned your lesson.

$13 salad on the floor of the car
byu/Britty-Ro inWellthatsucks

5. Too cool for school

I get it, you’re busy, but come on man. A little awareness goes a long way.

Amazon leaving our groceries next to cooler I stead of inside despite clear label. All dairy ruined.
by inWellthatsucks

4. The stain game

I’m sure with a little elbow action you can rub that right out.

Stained my floor last night
byu/HeenMachine inWellthatsucks

3. Demolition man

Welp, looks like it’s time to move again.

A month after I moved in, demolition began on this building, of course they failed to mention that would happen. Instead of leveling it, it is being disassembled by jackhammer over several months. New building won’t be done until 2025
byu/cd151 inWellthatsucks

2. A bit of mud

Your shoe looks like a monster from a 50’s b-movie.

On my way to the market I stepped in a bit of mud
byu/gigirendon1991 inWellthatsucks

1. Enjoy the view

Hey, at least he looks like he’s having fun.

Flew 13 hours to Hawaii to see Volcanoes National Park
byu/P-dubbs inWellthatsucks

Yikes. Those are some painful fails.

What’s a bad day you’ve had lately?

Feel free to vent in the comments.