When I was scrolling through my feed and first saw that Facebook had launched a dating app my two thoughts were, in order:
1) Wait, what?
2) Of course they did

It seems only natural. They traffic in essentially creating full data-profiles of their users into commodities to be sold to advertisers, why wouldn’t they hop in to selling us…to each other?

Which is a maybe a sinister way of putting it, but I mean straightforwardly and seriously, it does seem like the logical progression of things. But how good of a job have they done? For that, let’s check in with ten anonymous contributions from people who have tried it already and see if they’d recommend it.

10. “Don’t even get hits”

Neither hit nor hit on? That’s a shame.

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9. “A total of 0”

Whoa, slow down’, I’m not particularly quick with math.

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8. “A joke”

But this one is BLUE though, that’s gotta count for something.

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7. “To go through the motions”

“I just can’t.”

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6. “Every girl on there has children.”

Pretty specific complaint but OK.

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5. “The same as Tinder”

“Online is mostly a waste if you’re not 6/2″, tatted/bearded or some other nonsense.”
I’m sorry, beards are nonsense?

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4. “Not to be so rude…”

You gotta check your settings.

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3. “Naturally”

Unlucky in love, are we?

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2. “Time for my anxiety”

It’s ALWAYS time for that, friend. Always.

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1. “Why do I bother?”

And how rich are you, exactly?

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I think the overwhelming consensus here is…meh.

Have you ever tried online dating? What app have you had the most luck with?

Tell us in the comments.