It’s always sad to see a marriage fall apart, but it’s kind of rare that you can see the actual exact moment when it breaks.

Rarely are things just going perfectly well before getting destroyed by a single incident, of course, it’s more of a progression of cracks slowly forming before something heavy enough comes along to finally kill it. And some folks know exactly what that heavy thing was.

Here are ten anonymous confessions from folks about the moments that killed their marriages.

10. Don’t worry about it

Man, the “you vs the guy she told you not to worry about” meme is REAL?

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9. The scream

I know this may be shocking, but not all church-going people are actually pious and kind.

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8. The addiction

At a certain point in the process, your brain is so rewired that it is literally IS more important than anything else.

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7. A different perspective

Sometimes you’re so used to your surroundings you forget how messed up they are.

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6. To my credit

Why the heck are you out there buying, guy?

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5. The cheater

Holy WOW that’s awful.

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4. Methed up

That’s the road to destruction right there.

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3. No use

How the heck did y’all make it that far?

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2. Save the date

All the livelong day.

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1. What a joke


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Sometimes it may feel like it happened too late, but hey, at least you got out.

Have you ever been in a situation like this?

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