I once had a roommate who would never ever do the dishes. And I’ll bet you’re saying to yourself, “Well, surely they would have had to eventually so they could use a dish again,” but no, not really.

See, her strategy was to just keep collecting new plastic plates and bowls and utensils and cups. Keeping them from restaurants and what not. Which led to my strategy of just straight up breaking those things and throwing them away so she’d be forced to do a dish.

Roommates are not always the easiest thing to deal with. They’re often thieves, even. Just ask these anonymous contributors.

15. Forks

I resemble that remark.

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14. Toilet paper

I get where you’re coming from, but there are emergency situations sometimes.

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13. Xbox

I can’t imagine getting any enjoyment out of a game console knowing I’d stolen it from a friend.

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12. Chicken nuggets

There are some things that just force your hand to cut all ties.

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11. Cyclobenzaprine

It’s a muscle relaxer. Probably stolen to get the chill high, but for people who suffer from muscle problems, the lack of meds can be devastating.

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10. Chopping board

Are you still living together? If so, where the heck are they hiding the chopping board?

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9. Panties

What is this, an 80’s movie?

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8. Makeup

They need to find a way to make up for it.

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7. Chocolate

Gotta hide that stuff better.

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6. Dirty pictures

You shouldn’t be more mad at yourself – you’re not in the wrong here.

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5. Wallet

Um, who doesn’t use money?

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4. Vibrator

B**ch don’t kill my vibe.

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3. Pain killers

Gotta just come right out with that.

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2. Energy drink

Guess she’s only got a little fraction of that five hour boost, huh?

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1. Refried beans

I’m thinking about those beans.

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Ugh. Just the worst.

Have you ever had a particularly bad roommate?

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