Have you been having a bad day?

Well, not that it’s a competition, but this list contains ten people who might just have you beat. In a game that nobody wants to win, because winning means you get the prize of the worst thing, which is not really a prize at all.

After all, no matter how bad your day is going, it could probably get worse, as these Reddit posts demonstrate.

10. Back up a minute

And not with any ordinary vehicle either.

The boss backed into the garage door at work today.
byu/JojoGold_ inWellthatsucks

9. We’re out of toner

I’m slightly confused about what exact set of circumstances led to this nonsense.

Do you guys know toner dust from a printer? It feels like liquid if you put enough of it in a zip bag. Well i would recommend to use something else.
byu/Kayce- inWellthatsucks

8. Just my two cents

In America that 5 cents would cost ya a couple thousand bucks to get back.

My son decided to swallow a 5 Eurocent coin – didn’t cost me anything and we got to keep the coin.
byu/Sonar_Tax_Law inWellthatsucks

7. Friends forever

What exactly was this person thinking at the time?

Someone locked my bike with their own bike lock.
byu/pc1400 inWellthatsucks

6. Hope you’ve got good insurance?

Did somebody throw a desk chair through your windshield?

I’ve only had this car for two weeks
byu/AWholeCoin inWellthatsucks

5. The drop

Either that or you’re just about hacked into the Matrix.

Just got home from work and dropped my laptop…
byu/ZRedBaron1918 inWellthatsucks

4. The great barrier

For machines that are so simple, they sure do find a lot of new ways to fail for us.

Spent 6€ trying to make these things fall. Only got a pic of this postmodern sculpture (and no food or drink)
byu/renyhp inWellthatsucks

3. Pie day

I guess pie really doesn’t go on forever.

Dropped two pies on the floor as they were coming out of the oven 🙁
byu/typicaldragons inWellthatsucks

2. The chosen one

You are truly marked for greatness, red one.

I wore a mesh hat on a 30 mile hike. Feeling like Aang today
byu/jurz90 inWellthatsucks

1. Oh, bee have

It’s a shame to have to kill bees under any circumstance, there aren’t enough of them around as it is.

These have all been killed in our basement in the last hour. We have a pet and a two year old. We also know of another swarm by our garage. And there goes our relaxing Sunday.
byu/ahobbins inWellthatsucks

Those are some no good, very bad days right there.

What’s a bad day that you’ve had recently?

Tell us about it in the comments. You can go ahead and vent, we don’t mind.