Roommates. Ya can’t live with ’em, and thanks to housing cost significantly outpacing wages, ya can’t live without ’em.

That’s what my grandma always said.

If you’re lucky, you end up with a roommate you actually like, or maybe just kinda never see. But if you’re unlucky, then you end up like these poor saps on Twitter.

10. This aspiring artist

Hey where are you getting your material evaluations done because I think they might be a scam.

9. This dog abuser

The fact that he’s homophobic is irrelevant but makes this more concerning, somehow.

8. This person who will never forget

Asking someone else to clean for YOUR date?
That’s trouble you got comin, friend.

7. This wannabe environmentalist

On the upside – free food for you.

6. This person with no soul

I don’t even understand how one could do this.

5. This psycho shower scene

I’m not sure you understand how sweat works.

4. This person who is always prepared

That’s what I spend half my day doing.

3. This book thief

Man, who DOES that?

2. This person from around the block

My my, how the tables have turned.

1. This water waster

I hate to tell you this, but according to my math, that shower (wasteful as it was) still only cost about $3.
If you’ve got a cheaper therapist than that please do tell.

I think all of those folks should find new people to live with, for their own sanity.

Who’s the worst roommate you’ve ever had and why?

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