When Sacha Baron Cohen made his show called “Who Is America?” I had two thoughts:

1) That looks amazing
2) I will never be able to watch it

It is an unflinching and absolutely surreal look at Americans – prominent and ordinary – and our bizarre outlooks on life, politics, religion, and the future.

And wouldn’t you know it, it’s made by a guy who ain’t even from ’round here.

For more such perspectives, let’s turn to Twitter.

15. The audacity

We pick a new word roughly every three years and say it until it means nothing.

14. Gettin’ sloppy

We’re far too hungry to spend time on coherent food names.

13. Oddom

Like Leslie?

12. Tip of the cap to ya

It’s a fun past time to distract us from the fact that we’ll be paying for that cap for the rest of our lives.

11. Round the rona

We’re doing what we can to make pandemics folksy again.

10. Well done

I’m not your buddy, pal.

9. Cuss a swear

Well I like how YOU use “phrase” when you clearly mean “word.”
So take THAT, Amy.

8. Rough and tumble

That’s a regional thing, some of us do pronounce the “oo” like “you.”


7. “Salad”

Yeah that one really got away from us.

6. Patriotic pride

You have to be drunk to stop being self-conscious about the fact that you can’t span the nine freaking octaves that song requires.

5. Long way to go

You gotta understand, we have TWO different states that are both bigger than the entire nation of France.


4. Stick it to ’em

Ok, this one hurt.


3. Pecan

Great, now I’m repeating it to myself over and over again.

2. On the wall

And yet again.

1. Gumming up the works

Wait ’till you hear about all the weed ones we make.

Hooray America? I guess?

What do you think is an odd thing about your nation?

Tell us in the comments.