I don’t wanna start a whole thing here, but I’ve never been one of those who’s particularly “proud” to be an American.

It’s WEIRD to be an American. We are weird. We’ve done some way cool stuff, but also have this tendency to continually trip over our own feet while loudly yelling about how good we are at walking.

It’s hard to explain.

But that’s just my jaded insider opinion, what about those from elsewhere? What do THEY think of us yanks? Let’s find out through tweets.

11. Period

We need you to know when we’re done talking since we seldom are.

10. Weather or not

You gotta understand, this country is so huge that we can have snow storms on one end and beach sun on the other.


9. Kibbles and bits

What’s weirder to me is that in the midwest there’s a specific HUMAN SNACK we call puppy chow.

8. Touchdown!

We will literally use absolutely anything before we’ll touch the sensibility of the metric system.

7. Got that cake

Wait, is it not?


6. Sunday Service

Fun fact: the Superbowl has a massive economic impact on its host city each year.
Like, over half a billion dollars.

5. A spirited debate

That’s weird because I’ve always thought “spirit” sounds way more intense.
Like, are y’all drinking ghosts because that’s hardcore.

4. No cuts


3. Food time

What else are we gonna do, talk to our awful relatives?

2. The big question

We need you to be prepared for it.


1. Donut unto others



We’re a strange bunch indeed.

What do you think is the oddest thing about being American?

Tell us in the comments.