I really try very hard to be healthy these days. It’s more important than ever. In fact, I workout twice a day.

…work out where I’m gonna order a burger from. HI-OH!

No but seriously I’m in terrible shape. But I’m not alone. Twitter understands my struggle, and that’s why we’re gonna commiserate with some tweets today.

10. The day goes on

Once you start pouring that chocolate on, all sense goes right out the window.

9. The compromise

Wait, nobody told me that accomplishing things was going to take effort.
I want my money back.

8. Stay hydrated

I think our ancestors might be ashamed of us, or they might just start staring at our phones like we do and never recover.

7. Meal prep

In all honesty though, this is pretty cost effective. If you’re gonna pay all those fees to get food, might as well get enough for more than one meal.

6. Burninating the countryside

I can’t figure out how to undo the latter.

5. Weigh to go

Girl, same.

4. On a roll

You ever dipped ’em in sour cream? It’ll change your life.

2. Meal prep: part 2

It really is a very valuable life skill.

1. Fry day

Ah, I see you went with the “medium” size.


We may not be in great shape, but at least we’re in this together. Now pass me the fries.

Which one of these do you identify with the most and why?

Tell us of your struggles in the comments. I’m sure we can all relate to ’em.