I grew up a theatre kid, and these days I am extremely online, so I think I know a thing or two about what it’s like to be constantly seeking attention, and recognizing that in others as well.

Usually it’s fairly harmless. Makes us a little loud, a little dramatic. Sometimes it’s downright positive – it pushes us to create or to find some captivating way of expressing ourselves, and that benefits others.

But sometimes…oh, boy.

Here are ten people who really went all out to get that attention.

10. Faking a pregnancy

I’d be less worried about a jinx and more worried about rebuilding trust with people around you.

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9. Cutting yourself up

That’s a place where a psychologist really needs to step in.

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8. Breaking your foot

I don’t know that I’d have an extreme amount of sympathy either, tbh.

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7. Faking an accent

This sounds like the plot of a farce.

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6. “Accidentally” sending pics to an ex

That’s gotta be extremely confusing.

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5. Lying about a suicide

Woof, that’s no good.

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4. Lying about a boyfriend

Ah yes, the ol “he lives in Canada, you wouldn’t know him” gambit.

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3. Pretending to be drunk

I know some people who did this.

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2. Dating a bad celeb

Do it for the clout, they say.

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1. Lying about sickness

Oh, she knew. She definitely knew.

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I guess we all need a little bit of attention once in a while.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for attention?

Tell us in the comments.