What do you do when you find yourself falling in love and you know that what’s at the bottom of that fall might just break you – and someone you love?

That’s the exact kind of heartbreaking conundrum being faced by these women who submitted anonymous tales of their own infatuations – which just so happened to be focused on the boyfriends of their best friends.

It’s not exactly a position that any of us would envy, even if the feelings were deep.

10. “I feel terrible.”

Why is it that we feel things we don’t even want to?

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9. “Mixed signals.”

Like a broken traffic light, this guy.

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8. “I don’t know what to do.”

I wouldn’t either.

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7. “I’d feel so bad.”

It’s like a lose/lose situation.

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6. “I’m madly in love…”

And that way madness lies.

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5. “Kinda in love.”

Only kinda? By the metrics of this list, you’re getting off easy.

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4. “It’s been a year.”

That’s a long time to hold on.

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3. “My best friend.”

But for how much longer?

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2. “I would never do anything.”

Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t any of us?

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1. “No one knows.”

Except for us, some strangers on the internet. But that’s probably not too helpful, huh?

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It seems absurd just how much our own feelings can sweep us away into absurdity. Here’s to all of you – may you navigate them well.

Have you ever been in a position like this?

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