Marriage is a pretty dang big step. I mean, even just to throw the little party and ceremony that come along with the thing can cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars, and that’s just the very first moment.

So what happens you find yourself in that most deeply committed or relationships and can’t shake the nagging feeling that you really should be anywhere else but there?

How do you live or cope with the knowledge, or worse yet, the inkling, that your entire marriage was a mistake?

These real anonymous confessions give a peek into that headspace.

10. “The right one.”

But who was that?

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9. “Regardless, I love him.”

It might be easier to just think of the love, and not the what-ifs.

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8. “What doesn’t help…”

Sometimes people just take each other for granted.

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7. “I have a lover.”

Sounds like you know what your decision is then, eh?

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6. “I don’t hate her.”

I like the lol at the end, that really lightens things up.

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5. “Sitting and thinking…”

A truly dangerous combination of activities.

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4. “Maybe I messed up…”

“More involved, more in love.”

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3. “I’m so depressed.”

Well, of course you are.

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2. “I’m sorry.”

Do we want the right person or the right now person?

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1. “When she said…”

Anyone who doesn’t trust dogs doesn’t deserve to be trusted.

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It’s just heartbreak writ large.

Have you been in a situation like this?

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