It’s a weird sort of sadness, falling out of love. Especially when that falling out makes you wonder whether or not you were really ever actually IN.

Was it ever love? Or was it just infatuation? And what made it go away?

Sometimes the reasons seem solid, sometimes they seem shallow, sometimes it’s hard to parse out or define them at all, but in any case, the way we feel is undeniable.

Here are 10 stories from women who suddenly found themselves not so into him anymore.

10. Repaid in kind

Compatibility really is key.

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9. Let it go

We’d all like to think we’re not shallow at all, but a piece of us definitely is.

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8. Clingy, insecure, and annoying

It’s a little troubling to me that this person classifies those things as inherently female.

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7. From the outside

I got some bad news for ya friend, you are definitely racist.
You can work on it, you can address it, and you can improve, but this is 100% racist.

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6. Overly affectionate

You need the standoffish type, huh?

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5. A moment of clarity

Hey, any clarifying revelation is good.

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4. What do I do?

Oh I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

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3. Pure disgust

Dang, it doesn’t get a whole lot worse than that.

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2. The pot heads

Ok but like have you tried it because it’s kind of great.

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1. Worth the weight

Mer. That is truly unfortunate.

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Best of luck to you all – may you find someone who really does it for ya.

Have you found yourself in a situation like this at some point?

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