Not everyone wants to have children, but it sure seems like most of us have that drive at some point in our life. And being unfairly robbed of that opportunity by your own body has got to feel like an extreme blow.

So, what happens when you find out that you’re sterile? How does it change your life, if at all? Here are some perspectives from people who have been there.

10. Secretly happy

Adoption is ALWAYS an option.

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9. Get your shots, kids

According to the CDC, mumps can decrease fertility in men or lead to sterility, though it may not be permanent.

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8. Dog mom

Dogs are the best people anyway.

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7. Don’t want your pity

“Who would want to bring a kid into this world when there are plenty without a home?”

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6. Couldn’t have been happier

Just one less thing to worry about.

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5. Can’t wait

Like we said, some people love it.

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4. #childfreesoulmates

Are you kidding me, let’s do this!

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3. Bummer

Hard hitting news for many.

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2. Unfair

Like so many things in life.

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1. Cures and diseases

Trading one problem for another is never a fun time.

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Personally, I’ve never had kids and if I found out tomorrow that I was sterile, I’d probably be alright with it. Remember, there’s always adoption! Plenty of little ones out there looking for a loving home.

How would you feel about it?

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