We’ve all seen it happen a thousand times in movie and TV – the best friendship that slowly becomes something more.

When it plays out in a narrative like that, there are generally bumps along the way but ultimately a happy ending. In real life, we know that it’s more of a gamble than that, which often makes us hold back our feelings and not let loose with our desires.

What’s it like to be trapped in that headspace? Here are twelve real confessions.

12. To see her face

Maybe she’d love that?

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11. Best in years

That’s quite a compliment.

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10. Everyday

That seems like quite a long time to hold onto a crush.

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9. Use it

Is that an activity friends typically share? Man, I’m out of touch.

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8. Secretly

You’ve only got those eyes for her?

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7. All the dirty thoughts

The truth will come out.

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6. Sometimes

You’re not a homewrecker, you’re just thirsty.

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5. Switch teams

I keep trying to do the math on this and coming up short, for some reason.

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4. If we’re both drunk

Why would that be a prerequisite?

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3. Too innocent

Ya never know.

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2. I identify

Maybe it’s time to examine that?

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1. F*ck brain

Ain’t I a little stinker?

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If you’re gettin’ crushed by a crush, I feel ya. Hang in there.

Have you been in a situation like this? What was it like? How did it work out?

Tell us about it in the comments.