I’ve never totally understood what the term “hot mess” means. Does it mean that I’m a mess, but the good kind of mess? Or does it mean that I am just an extra kind of mess?

Because on the one hand, you could interpret the phrase like “Well sure I’m a mess, but at least I’m also hot.” Or you might think that it means “Not only am I a mess, but I’m also sort of hot to the touch and probably smelly, because messes that are higher in temperature tend to have a stench.”

Which connotation better suites me? Both, maybe? I don’t know. All I know is that I feel the truth behind each and every one of these tweets, and I am thus and therefore, truly a hot mess.

10. Work it out

No sweat, all pants.

9. A class act

I routinely had 21 credit hours per semester plus choir, nightly rehearsals, and constant tech calls.
I somehow did all of that and regularly attended parties, I have no idea how.

8. The drunk tank

Wow, I would get that in writing so I could add it to my resume.

7. Lead by example

I can always be seen as what not to do.

6. Crash into me

Just act natural, maybe they won’t notice.


5. Visions of the future

Honestly this is kind of a best case scenario.

4. Beer goggles

Don’t you bring him into this, he did nothing wrong.

3. It’s a tough job

Get thee behind me, Satan.

2. Chair and chair alike

Why don’t you have a seat and tell me all about it.

1. A late and a latte

Me throughout college. And also the remainder of my life.

Well, better strike while the mess is hot.

Which tweet did you find the most relatable?

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