I got into a conversation with someone recently who said with a straight face that they thought a driver’s license was government overreach.

And look. Politics are fraught. Policy is tricky. I get that.

But who – WHO in their right mind has ever been making their way through blinding traffic and thought to themselves “you know what would make this better? If none of the people piloting these massive hunks of speeding steel had ever needed to learn even the first thing about how to do so.”

Because the bad drivers are out there. The road rage is real. And the memes are hilarious.

10. Drive on through

What’s worse is when you watch them talking for like half an hour, then finally pull forward just to see them get handed a coffee and drive away.

9. It’s all the rage

Stay classy out there.

8. Fast and slow

And everybody’s definitely furious.

7. That’s my jam

The thing is, the nature of the ripple effect caused by even a slight disturbance in traffic flow can mean that by the time you clear it, the initial disturbance is long gone.

6. Oh I see

But what would one call such a thing…

5. My way AND the highway

Don’t you know who I am?

4. Safety first

How DARE they prioritize the lives of their loved ones.

3. Up close and personal

Man, I tailgated you just to read that?

2. Their fault

It’s a very simple cause and effect relationship here.

1. Keep calm

And carry on to Mordor.

OOOoooh I’m so mad I could HONK!

On a scale from 1-10, 1 being completely serene and 10 being dangerously bad, how awful is your road rage?

Tell us in the comments.