I’m what you might call a man-person. I don’t know much of anything about anything. And I’ve certainly experienced my fair share of misunderstanding women, so this should be educational romp through Reddit:

Women of Reddit, what is a 100% myth about women?
byu/BOBO24PLAYZ inAskReddit

Let’s bust some myths, shall we?

1. Sexual history

That you can tell how much s** a woman has had by looking at her genitals.

No you can’t.

Also, that having a lot of s** makes the vagina “loose.”

Apparently some people think the vaginal muscles are magic since apparently they’re the only muscles in the body that get weaker with more use.

– kidehcvbcvbcvbcv

2. Having kids

That just because our bodies are designed for it, we all want kids of our own at any given time of our lives.

Pregnancy is no joke and also… Kids are a lifetime commitment and not everyone wants to have that!

And it’s still OK!

– planesNbooks

3. D**k pics

Honestly, sending a d**k pic to me is the same as sending a pic of a weird bug.

I’m literally never going to think it’s hot. I’ll probably think it’s kinda gross, maybe a bit silly looking. Sometimes there’s something unusual about it that makes me stare a bit […], but more in an “oh, that’s weird” kind of way, rather than in an “oh, I definitely want that” way.

– IzarkKiaTarj

4. Seriously, this is wrong

That we “get loose” when we have multiple partners.

I think it’s ridiculous that majority of the guys I’ve met that say this don’t also think that those same women “get loose” when they’ve been with one man for several years.

– Ok-Witness8418

5. Personhood

That we’re women and not people.

For context. I hate the “big pro tip” that “women are people too guys if you just treat them like people and not s** objects you’ll date more women”.

Like why do you need to be told that??? Why is that a hot tip!?

– Pepperspray24

6. Emotional intelligence

That we are more emotionally intelligent and intuitive than men.

I am definitely not empathetic and don’t like dealing with emotional people, I’m mostly just socially awkward and not particularly mothering or kind.

Seems like the assumption is that women want to baby men. Not me lol

– counterboud

7. Mysteries

That we are a mystery.

I am sick of telling people exactly what I want and hearing, “well, yeah but what do you really want?” I am not lying or playing games.

You know what women want? To be treated like human being with respect like anyone else!

– Viperbunny

8. Maturity

“girls are more mature”

No, girls are just punished much more severely than boys are for behavior that all children exhibit. Boys only seem less mature because we do not demand maturity from them at a young age like we do from girls.

Girls are forced to suppress being human and boys are forced to suppress emotions other than anger. It’s a recipe for broken adults.

– BanditaIncognita

9. Leadership

That women don’t make good leaders.

I had a horrible experience with a female boss and I said I’d never work for another woman again (I know, how sexist of me).

Anyway, the next woman I worked for was an amazing leader!

– Southerngrace91

10. Socializing

I find it crazy annoying how men seem to be SO sure that each time we women compliment each other, we are lying about it.

D**n! Let me admire her shoes pls! She has good style!!!!

I dont get why men think we are so catty or that we are fake to each other. Just bc we don’t socialize by insulting and punching each other like men do, doesn’t mean we don’t like other other women.

– reggae-mems

11. Empathy

That we’re all more empathetic than men.

I’ve met a couple girls that are probably sociopaths, as far as I can tell.

H**l, even I’m not that good at sympathizing with people.

– anons5510

12. Military service

If I had a nickel for every man who saw my DAV (disabled american veteran) license plate and asked me if it was my father’s/husband’s car, I’d have a bag of nickels to bash the head of the next dumb f**k to ask me that question.

– Jedi_Among_Sith

13. Attraction

That women who are attracted to men love muscles. That’s true for some women, to an extent, but I know very few women who are attracted to bodybuilders and a lot of the young women I know prefer a softer physique. Several of us actually have an aversion to developed physiques and are attracted to men with belly fat.

Lots of women want a person who will eat and lounge with them without obsessing over macros and spending hours in the gym. It’s great to care about your health, but being very concerned with the aesthetics of your body represents a philosophical and lifestyle mismatch for a lot of people who are just piloting our meatsuits to get to the pizza and sex.

Of course, if you want to be with a woman who prioritizes her appearance, spends a lot of time and money on it and has a restrictive diet and exercise regimen, she may have different expectations.

– UnlimitedSoupNSalad

11. Maternity

That we all have natural mothering instincts. Some women might but I thinks it’s heavily a social construct where girls are taught to play with baby dolls from a young age, then bear the brunt of house work and child raising.

I’m bad with children and feel no motherly instincts toward them at all.

– Hotchipsummer

5. Stereotypes

That we are either a girly girl, tomboy, gamer girl, or some other stereotype when we can be all of them or none of them.

Humans are multifaceted and we all have different experiences.

I grew up with only brothers, am athletic, lift weights, have a BFF who is a professional makeup artist (subsequently I am very good at makeup), can cook, went to fashion school, and am the breadwinner of my family.

You can’t put me in a box.

– GrandEmperorSloth

I guess the biggest thing to take away is that regardless of your gender, we’re all individuals, and we should be treated as such.

What’s a myth about your identity?

Tell us in the comments.