It can sometimes be difficult for me to imagine cheating on someone you care about. Even if you have your doubts, even if things aren’t going great, to actually commit that sort of betrayal – it’s something I think my body just wouldn’t let me do.

What I find more understandable is the gradation that can lead to the full-on affair. The getting closer to someone else. The realization that maybe, emotionally, you’re over the line. And then not knowing what to do about it.

That’s the reality of an emotional affair, and these anonymous contributors know all about it.

10. “I said goodbye”

At a certain point you’re gonna hit a fork in the road.

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9. “Coming to an end”

That’s quite a long time.

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8. “I have no plans to make it stop”

Well that sounds like it’s heading straight for disaster.

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7. “Believe/know”

Two similar words that make a world of difference.

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6. “I just realized”

What was it that made the penny drop?

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5. “It intoxicates me”

Well then you probably shouldn’t be driving.

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4. “Tit for tat”

I mean…kinda?

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3. “I can’t help that”

Sounds like maybe it’s time for you to move on.

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2. “I’d understand”

I don’t think that’s ever worked, ever.

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1. “A loyal guy”

Except for the times when I’m not.

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Sounds like an emotional affair to remember.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this?

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