About a year ago, I got a text message from an ex I hadn’t spoken to in maybe 6 years.

She’d broken a small gift that I’d given her all the way back in college. Something so insignificant, I thought, that I’d completely forgotten it even existed. But she was seemingly beside herself that this had happened. She was apologizing. She was upset.

And then poof – we went back to being completely out of each others’ lives again.

Ex texts are one of the strangest phenomenons you can experience, and nothing illustrates that better than these anonymous confessions.

12. Are you jealous?

If you’re calling to ask that question, then you probably don’t care much about the person you’re now with.

Source: Whisper

11. Dreaming the dream

Ok thank you…not sure what to do with this info…

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10. Tell me a joke

That’s a good one, will you be here all week?

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9. Getting better

Woof, that’s tough.

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8. Let’s celebrate

I think maybe things are about to get wild.

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7. Can’t take the heat

Well, that took quite a turn didn’t it?

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6. Hit me up

Is there anywhere I can go where you won’t find me?

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5. Goodnight

That’s some very selective involvement right there.

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4. Oh the memories

I feel like I’m forgetting something…what could it possibly be…

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3. Papers, please

That sure is young for this kind of thing.

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2. I want you back

Also, I am now a wolf.

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1. It’s mine

Yeah, that’s always a trap.

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The ex text. What a strange beast indeed.

Have you had experiences with this kind of thing?

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