When I was young and dumb, there was a friend of mine who I thought had a crush on me, and I felt bad because I didn’t reciprocate the feelings.

Nothing too weird about that so far, but I decided to remedy the situation by getting her to confess her crush and then immediately dropping the bomb that I didn’t feel the same after she’d made herself vulnerable.

I swear it was not out of malice, I was just too socially inept to realize what a cruel thing that was to do. That is, until her sister gave me a piece of her mind. Which, fair enough.

Here are a few crush confessions from anonymous people that went a little bit differently.

10. “One problem”

And now you’re involved in a love triangle.

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9. “Alex”

Better be careful what you ask “Alexa” from now on too.

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8. “Weird?”

Sometimes just the relief of bursting the bubble is enough to move on.

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7. “I’m so glad”

People can show their true colors that way.

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6. “Made me feel guilty”

That’s really not a fair thing to put on you, unless you were creepy about it.

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5. “I confessed my feelings”

And I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more…

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4. “Still taken”

What I do have is a very particular set of skills.

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3. “I feel better”

Just rip that bandaid right off of there.

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2. “Swing and a miss”

Then what was the feelings thing?

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1. “It was very difficult”

Some things take a huge amount of effort and ask a lot of us.

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Crush on, crushers!

When was the last time you confessed a crush? How did it go?

Tell us in the comments.