A lot of life is disappointment. We don’t have to dwell on that, we don’t have to make it our whole thing, but we do need to acknowledge it and accept it.

Sometimes, a lot of times, life just looks at you and in no uncertain way just says “no.”

These tweets, which are full of struggle of all varieties, illustrate some of the things life might tell you no about.

10. No to understanding math

And if you only made $1 but you worked for a million hours, hey ho look who’s living on easy street.

9. No to having real friends

Candy bars are my companionship now. They are all I will ever need.

8. No to learning to cook

There’s something about this that’s not very a-peeling.

7. No to a date

Maybe the problem is that you are actually, in fact, a cat.

6. No to being treated with respect

I dunno man, Mike lookin’ pretty dummy thicc in that picture.

5. No to proper grooming

And I do use that word purposefully.

4. No to getting the girl

And hey! You were also there! So that’s something!

3. No to having money

I literally did this exact same thing and now I STILL can’t cancel without losing the 90+ songs I’ve now paid for without downloading them and ARHGHAGH.

2. No to having a phone

It’s probably better off this way for everyone.

1. No to being tall

And as we all know, that’s the only thing that matters.


When life gives you lemons, give ’em back. You’re not here to play those games.

What’s a way in which you’ve been told no recently?

Tell us in the comments.