I want someone to love me tinder, but I gotta say, I don’t really love me some Tinder.

I’ve tried it a few times. Not much luck. Granted I’m not even remotely attractive and don’t know any good jokes, but I’m gonna go ahead and blame the app.

After all, it’s a difficult landscape to navigate. Just ask any of the people who found themselves in these conversations. And then took a screenshot. Because that’s what it’s all about.

10. Pack Dog

Ok but why are you screaming everything, Little Orphan Annie?

I’ve peaked. I can’t top this.
byu/OnceUponAPizza inTinder

9. Jen and Ben

I grin at the Jen Ben fren tren…d.

ladies and gentleman. we’re in.
byu/snkrbjorn inTinder

8. Sock it To Me

This is masterfully played and I really truly appreciate it.

I wonder how fast she will unmatch.
byu/Dubdaddy69 inTinder

7. The Art of the Dialectic

Look buddy, I might have specifically said I wanted to talk to you, but that doesn’t mean I’m interested in talking to you.

I’m probably gonna get unmatched
byu/TheBullGooseLooney inTinder

6. Busy is Izzy

I’d say you both lost this round and you should try again next time.

Got blocked lol
byu/cookiesandbread inTinder

5. Good Luck

That actually seems like a pretty easy thing to figure out.

“Good luck”
byu/Shamcow inTinder

4. Hey Heyy Heyyy

Again, it’s very funny, but WHY DID YOU MATCH?!

Not mine.. but damn.
byu/Broodjedoner inTinder

3. Train of Thought

You thought I was messin’ around? I never clown when it comes to trains.

My Tinder is a joke account where I tell people train facts and answer questions about trains. I research railway history.
byu/Remexa inTinder

2. The Poet

I know it’s the most pedantic thing in the world, but I feel duty bound to point out that absolutely none of these lines are in iambic pentameter.

This couldn’t have gone any better than it did…
byu/mvarner60 inTinder

1. Unsolicited Duck Pics

Now that’s an endangered species.

Her friend was right 😍
byu/PowerofMoses inTinder

Good luck with the dating game, everybody.

Have you had any success with dating apps?

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